21 December, 2012

A Solstice Hymn

To Helios
Incense: Pounded Frankincense and Heliotrope.

Hail and harken O glorious
   Sun, Lord of noeric fire
and image of Eternity.
   Hail, great king who does inspire
us towards truth and wisdom, you
    who are the creative mind
of the cosmos, and leader of
   celestial gods entwined.

Harken intellect who thinks
   himself into being. Great
lord who sews all souls into their
   proper place. You who does sate
celestial spheres and mortal
   reason alike. Unto whom
the divine chariot belongs
   and the fates of nature bloom.

Illuminating Sun, grant to
   us eternal noetic
life, the blessings of your sacred
   Forms, and the energetic
noesis of your essence. Let
   us regain our wings of light
that we may ascend once more to
   the heavens by your holy rite.

Protector of truth and wisdom,
   nourisher of life, all-seeing
god, hear this lyric song in your
   praise, lift us to your Being.
Savior of souls we sing to you:
   purify us, illume our
souls, lift us to your holy realm,
   and bloom our souls’ bright flower.

16 December, 2012

A Hymn to Hermes

To Hermes
Incense: Frankincense

Harken, messenger of gods and
   leader of souls and songs.
Harken, you strong son of Zeus, to
   whom the gold staff belongs.

Wing-booted son of Maia, you
   harmonizer of tones.
Harken, close friend of Apollon,
   oh thrower of the stones.

Harken, Lord of the second sphere
   moving at equal pace,
Who through instantaneous thought,
   word and deed both take place.

Unequaled in heavenly wit,
   your silver tongue does charm
all foes of noeric ascent
   so fools will suffer harm.

You throw the far-seeing pebbles
   so the Moirai cannot
hold you to the question of what
   your father does allot.

Great Zeus, making you messenger,
   sends you to Aidês deep
abode. With kerykeion you
   awaken those who sleep.

So you, fleetest of gods, beloved
   by mortals and divine,
Make clean my soul and my thoughts that
   Gnosis may come to shine.

Lift my words, oh sweet, youthful Lord,
   that they be in accord
with the Mind of your father and
   place me within your ward.