03 March, 2009

Humility, again

I'm not sure why this topic is sticking with me; I had intended to write something about the "magical names" that occultists take instead. At any rate the previous post on the subject seems incomplete; its one thing to talk about humility, about being humble, but just what is the beasty?

I'm entirely certain I can answer the question. I'm not sure I know what humility is, but I think have a good idea what it isn't. I would love to be able to write some masterful piece of apophatic poetry here, but though I rather enjoy, and possibly even understand, the language of "negative theology," I've never been particularly good at formulating ideas using it.

Humility is not being meek or mild.
Humility is not backing down from what you believe is correct.
Humility is not giving way to others simple because its for the "good of all."

Perhaps, humility is not needing to be right, even when you are.
Perhaps, humility is being able to formulate your thoughts without them being at the expense of another's.
Perhaps, humility is not backing down before what you feel is wrong while understanding that those you oppose feel the same way.
Perhaps, to be humble is to simply, truly, be Yourself.